What is going on here?

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XF was moving greatly, but now seems to be ..not lol. I understand the lawsuits and such that can kind of slow things down. But the talks on the interwebs isnt good as to XF's future. No news has been posted at all about the future of XF, was gonna renew my license as i love XF but just dont want it to be for nothing.

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Google: admin forum xenforo
Look at a few admin sites and decide for yourself.
Considering "something" has happened, and there is no communication about it ... you might want to hold off renewing for updates ... especially because it doesn't seem like any are coming any time soon.
The old "the concern thread" dealt with what *may* have happened, but that was deleted.

Xenforo is still the best forum software, but I think development is on PERMA-HOLD.
It'll give the fledgling vB and IPB some time to try to catch up to XF.


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In term of communication, I never expected Kier and Mike to be absent for long period of time and it does raises many questions! which doesn't look good for xenforo at its early stages. I would also like to admit the that K&M deserve long summer vacation for creating the amazing Xenforo. Any how they should inform the 22,103 users.


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Sadly I'm beginning to agree. I suspect they've had to go off onto other paying projects to pay the bills and left XenForo standing still for the time being. Can't say I blame them, fighting the legal action saps finances, energy and time.

Problem is if they said that, sales would dry up which wouldn't help things, but they're now in the situation where it just gets worse as time goes on, as it becomes more and more obvious that the case has had a very detrimental effect to development.

Kinda what IB wanted, I'm sure.

But KAM are caught in a no-win scenario here, whatever they do they either keep everyone informed and lose sales one way, or get accused of abandoning XenForo & as time goes by sales slow down because of the lack of updates. I really do not envy them at all. However, as time goes on, I'd say option 1 will maintain sales longer than option 2, even though the drop off in orders may well have been quicker with option one.

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No news has been posted at all about the future of XF
There has been news. This is the current news:

1) 1.2 has been delayed. No ETA as of yet.


2) The lawsuit is ongoing. The trial date is currently set for January 15, 2013. XenForo expects to win if the case goes to trial.

3) Kier posted a few months ago that he was dealing with personal stuff but that he is back now:


Everything else is speculation.

But the talks on the interwebs isnt good as to XF's future.
There has been a lot of speculation. If that speculation concerns you then you shouldn't renew your license.

Let me know if you have any specific forum requirements, questions about the lawsuit, etc. I will be happy to help you with your forum.
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