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What have you done with "Pages"?

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
This may be interesting. Coincidentally just had a think about how to use pages and have a better structure to URLs using Route Filters:


Effectively you could have a structure like this. Instead of:


You could quite easily get a URL structure like this:


All just from using several route filters and wildcards.


Well-known member
I haven't really used them except to store legit content when we replaced some stuff for April Fools.

My purposes for static pages is pretty mundane. I intend to use pages to store Rules (Servers, Team Speak, Forums) and the about type pages. Things that don't change very often and will have links to direct threads to update specific information more often.

Its quite nice to have as a core feature. On vB the original site managers had a plugin called BF Easy Pages and they were using it for pretty much the same purpose. I just need to complete my Nav Manager plugin before I intend to add more links to our drop downs.