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What have you done to XF 2.0 that you haven't released as an add-on?

Just curious what modifications others have made that they haven't released as an add-on. Here's some that I made.

Rich Profile Posts
Supports everything except uploading images. Also, comments on those posts aren't rich, which I kinda like that way.

After submitting it...
In the latest activity...

Thread Subtitles
I added it mainly so dates would be shown in the thread list but it'll show anything that's entered into a custom field named "subtitle".

Staff/Admin Colors
Style options were added to define a color for staff and admins. This changes the color of their text to the defined colors. Here's an example using a dark theme:

Most of this I did during beta, but have more things I want to add in the form of add-ons, which I may or may not release. What have you done?