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XF 1.4 What happens if a usergroup is removed??


Well-known member
So - if i have several users in a group, say called "test" and i want to remove the group.

What happens to all the users permissions if the group is removed?

Following on from this, if i want to move them all into "registered" before i remove the group, is that possible in one go, rather than individually??



XenForo moderator
Staff member
All members should be in the Registered user group as the primary anyway but if this user group is set as the primary, they will default to the Registered user group.


Well-known member
Cheers Paul...

Currently they are all in primary of "test". I'm trying to set things up properly (as in everyone with a primary of "registered", and secondary of whatever) as per your guide - Just trying to work out if i have to go through them all individually and set their primary to "registered", or if i removed "test" they would default to "registered" as "test" no longer exists...

If you catch my drift ;)