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Actually I have just tried it myself.

Before this feature was core on Xenforo I used Andy's "New Conversation"-add-on. When the conversation was started, a email was sent for that conversation.

Now I switched to Xenforo's option and tested it with a new user I registered. The conversation is there, the alert, too. But no email was sent.

Can anyone of you reproduce it?


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Once the new user is created (after the user_state becomes "valid"), they will receive the welcome message and, if applicable, an email notifying them a conversation has been started with them.
It should work.

Perhaps the email has been spam trapped?


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Mostly not, it's on another server of mine and the spamfilter is disabled. I will try another emailaddress.


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It depends what has been set in the User Registration Options in the ACP.

The option can be found here: admin.php?options/list/usersAndRegistration
The option of users getting notified has been selected forever and it works with normal conversations.

With the conversation I selected:

"Leave conversation and accept future messages."

None of the two options above are selected.

Two other emailaccounts on different servers. No mails (except the first account-confirmation-mail)


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Actually they don't show up in my conversations:


When logged in as NEWUSER he sees a PC from me.

But I can't see any of these PC, probably because I left them.


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Now I have tried to select "Don't leave conversation"
I see the PC in my account now. But still no mail.

May there be a problem here with users in my forum needing to have a predefined number of posts before being promoted to a group where they can read and write private conversations? Normally with 0 posts they can't. But the new user can read the PC.


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Well, at least I have verified that no mail is being sent. So I have activated the email-option, too. Nice to have it there :)


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I don't think that there were any mails. All the other mails went straight through.
One domain on the same server, one domain on another server and one gmail. Would be a strange coincidence...

Chris D

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I've had some time to look into this more closely this evening and it turns out there's a bug here which may cause the alert to be skipped for the new user.

This is now fixed for the next release.