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Upon new registration, XF starts a welcome conversation:


Matt gets added the conversation, I don't. Can you help me troubleshoot this?
I can't reproduce this. I setup a welcome conversation with 2 users listed as participants and both were indeed included in the conversation when a user registered.

I tried both the standard "leave and accept future messages" and "do not leave" options. These both worked as expected (for the former, the conversation only appears in the inbox of the newly registered user; for the latter, it appeared in all 3 users' inboxes but it was only unread for the new user).

If you register a new user, are the participants all listed as expected?
If you register a new user, are the participants all listed as expected?
"Do not leave conversation"
When a new user registers, the conversation starts for Matt but not me.
Manual approval is required for new users. That could be a factor. Matt approves new users.
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I've just tried this with manual approval as well and it worked as expected. Can you confirm what participants are in the listed within one of these conversations? (Does it list all 3 people?)

If you try taking your name out of the other participants list and adding another user, does that work correctly?
This is no longer an issue. I took my name out and added a new participant. Registered for a new account. Now all the Welcome Conversations appearing my messages section WTF. The new one and all pasts ones. I'll pingback if something changes.
@Mike Let me try and explain this visually. The welcome conversation doesn't start in the configuration below (Matt Landau , Will Franco):


If I add a 4th user in the admin panel above, a welcome conversation starts (between 4 users):


When we have 2 users in the admin panel above, the 3rd is the new user, why doesn't a welcome conversation start?
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I can't really see any reason for this behavior, perhaps beyond an add-on causing interference. I'm not able to reproduce it and having reviewed the code, I don't see an obvious reason (this code also hasn't changed in a significant period of time).
Figured this one out w/ a little help from @AndyB.

New User

Approved via Approval Queue: triggers the welcome conversation


Approved on the user record/change user state: does not trigger the welcome conversation does not trigger


It seems obvious in hindsight.
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