Cannot reproduce Weird symbols

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Can we see this live somewhere? (Your license URL doesn't appear to resolve to a XenForo forum.)
Its not live yet, still testing on a private server.
I ended up dropping the database and restoring from a backup. I am still not sure what happened, I only updated 2 addons during the day.

I guess we can consider it solved unless it happens again.

Lukas W.

Formerly katsulynx
Looks like some encoding error. Did you convert the database to a new typeset after installation? When done wrong, you can end up with double-encoded UTF8-characters, that tend to be some quirk like seen in your picture instead of the actual characters.
The strange part is that everything worked fine for half a day and broke only after that. If I did something wrong with the DB it should have been broken immediately, right? And not after half a day and updating some addons.