CJK words not being censored unless isolated with spaces or punctuational symbols used in non-CJK languages.


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XenForo at this moment only censors if it is (from non-CJK language perspective) separated by spaces or punctuational symbols.
If for CJK languages (which doesn't have to use spaces to separate every word), it will cause matching issues.

For example I am trying to censer "论坛" (forum), replacing it to "社区" (community).
We can see the 2nd line of this screenshot failed from being censored:


I am gonna send real Chinese profanity words used in multiple sentence examples through private messages to XF devs in order to obey the Rule 1, as these contents (in whichever language) are not good for kids. These sentences are not for ad-hominem purposes but for testing whether XF censoring function works correctly.
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