WebTalk24 Goes XenForo - (partial myBB import)


WebTalk24 is a Webmaster, Business, SEO and Marketing Forum, covering pretty much what site owners need to talk about. We recently merged a myBB forum including users and topics with this brand new forum and everything went just great.

We mainly focus on becoming the most friendly forum in this niche. While there are many hundreds of forums for such a niche, we also develop useful tools, which you can find if you click the Webmaster Tools and SEO Tools links in the navigation menu. One great tool we have invented is a mass-search engine submitter which also pings ping services and submits sites to bookmarking services. It's a "must check" feature :) Since my husband is a developer, I will make sure new tools are added frequently (he will hate me soon) :)

The theme was created by myself and is based on the XenForo default theme - basically styled around it.

Current Members: 1000+
Current Posts:~ 5000 incl. topics + replies
Age: It's about two weeks old but contains older posts from the import

URL: http://webtalk24.com/

If you are interested in site owner topics, please stop by and have a look at what we offer. Being a woman it is always harder to get the word out, as most of my personal friends do not even use forums, so I would be happy to see you there :)

I am open for critiques and suggestions at any time

Nice clean style and consistent imagery making what is a excellent looking style/site. (y)

May I suggest you remove the background colour in your logo.png file and opting for a transparent logo. If you look closely you can see the background colour in the logo is slightly lighter than the header background colour.
Hi Shelley,

Thank you for your comments :)
I replaced the logo with a transparent one to resolve the issue you spotted. I originally went for a background color because it sometimes helps if people want to grab a logo quickly. However, since I also want everything to be as professional as possible, I opted-in for what you have suggested.

@Brandon Sheley Thanks for the comment!
The import was done today and was a pain first. After about 3 hours of failed attempts I went the myBB > vb > XF way and it worked pretty well. The only missing things were the avatars which for some reason did not get converted and the user passwords which they now have to request via lost password form. Luckily this only happens once!

However, I didn't hear any complaints for now, which is a plus. I did have some manual work also because I created a unique trader rating system, so I had to convert some myBB usernames ao it's a-z0-9 only because I would have ran into trouble with special chars, but luckily there were only about 10 users with non a-z0-9 chas (lucky me).

Besides that, people seem to be happy. Most people don't even know about the import yet as I sent out the email a few hours ago, so time will tell how it goes.

Thanks for your feedback!

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