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We are happy to announce that we recently merged three forums into one XenForo installation, which is now known as the WebBoosts Webmaster Promotion Community. Previously being a VB and a MyBB forum, all posts, users and related data has been merged into one forum.

Link: http://webboosts.com/

What makes us special is that we are not just another webmaster forum. WebBoosts is acually a forum where webmasters can promote their own web sites and forums while earning WB$ (Web Boosts Dollars) while posting.

A few unique features within our community:

  • We have a virtual currency which is earned by posting, receiving likes etc.
  • When people like a post, they pay 1WB$ to the person they liked
  • We have a "Poster of the Hour" feature where the user with most posts within an hour gets his banner featured within the complete next hour
  • We have a shop where webmasters can buy domains/hosting/marketing for WB$ they have earned
  • We have a custom WB$ earning system in place which analyzes a user's post and pays the user 0-6 WB$ for each post/reply they make based on a secret algorithm which scans the post made and rewards based on the quality of the post
  • There is a lottery where users can pay amount X to participate and win the current jackpot, filled with WB$ from other users who lost :)
There are quiet a few more things, but I can't really mention everything we have in place or this topic would become very long.

Besides all that, we also run many contests which reward members who's posts were liked most, where members who referred other members can win real gold and where members who promote our forums get credits for referrals.

Example Contests:

Generally speaking, a community created by webmasters for webmasters who are either looking for help, want to share their knowledge or who simply want to promote their site or forums.
We have launched in December 2012 and our current stats are:

Discussions: 3,962

I am looking forward to hear from you to find out what you like or don't like and I am also open for suggestions :) Of course I would be happy to see you join our little community as I am positive that our members have created at least a few topics that might interest you.

Thank you for your time reading this and hopefully you like what I have created using XF as underlying framework.

It's not an add-on.
I am pretty much using the Dark Kotomi bridge which basically allows you to use PHP within the XF framework. I decided not to use other add-on's so I can just add anything I want myself without needing to worry about safety etc. While I am new to XF, I am not new to PHP, so it's the best option for me to use that bridge and code everything around it myself.
@Sylar We switched over to a Namecheap as domain registrar, so there was a DNS update in place. You must have accessed our site when it was unavailable for a few minutes - sorry about that.
@Brandon: Thanks for your comment :)
Updated the style today to make things look better.
Also launched a new tool called DNS Health, which is a DNS report tool provided by our webmaster promotion forums.

Your feedback is appreciated.
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