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Webhost failed requirment test!

PHP version to old along with MySql/i should I just give up or is there hope? Assuming upgrades will have to be on server side not via my cpanel correct?

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
It would be extremely rare to come across a web host that doesn't meet the requirements for XF1 or XF2, certainly when it comes to PHP version.

XF1 supports PHP 5.2.11 which is 8 years old.

Sometimes cPanel supports changing the PHP version. If you don't have any other software which requires a legacy version of PHP then I suggest going to PHP 7.0 or 7.1. Otherwise you'll need to contact your host.

If they're unable to help, I'd suggest finding a different host who can supply up to date software.
Ty for quick response my host is a small re seller doing his thing with small clients. I just asked and assume he will pass it up the chain.

PHP Version 5.4.45
MySQL Version 5.6.37

From what I see via cpanel server info link

When I rain the test php file seems like a few other errors...such as safe mode I believe was another
This is what i get from Webserver/sidebar in PhPMyadmin

Database client version: libmysql - 5.1.73
PHP extension: mysqli

PHP version: 5.6.30

not sure why it will be different than what cpanel is saying via info link...Ty for the help

Jake B.

Well-known member
I'd suggest avoiding resellers, if something breaks they more than likely can't do anything about it so you'd be contacting them and relying on them to contact their support, and who knows if they'd even be helpful

not sure why it will be different than what cpanel is saying via info link...Ty for the help
cPanel uses a different PHP instance for all of its internal services (such as phpMyAdmin)