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Warning Conversations: Staff Readable


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I would like the ability to allow members of my staff to read all conversations that are the result of a warning. My notion of how it would work:
  • Those with permission (Can view warning conversations) will see conversations in their inbox just as if they themselves had been a participant
  • They cannot reply to these conversations unless manually invited.
  • Those with permission (Can invite self to warning conversation) will be able to invite themselves into the converation (in the case of an administrator stepping in, etc.)
  • Create 1:1 link between warning and conversation, with link under View Warning page allowing quick and easy access.
  • Archive these messages so that they cannot be deleted unless the warning is no longer in the system (track user that cannot leave)
My reasoning behind this is for staff transparency. It allows a member of staff to give a warning and handle it as necessary. But this isn't always a possibility with real world commitments, etc. so having the entire staff being able to reply (with permission) it would allow quicker handling of questions and the situation. It also provides a full insight into a situation if it has or will cause issues so if the member decides to turn around and contact another member of staff, they know what's already been said, communicated, or ignored.


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That still limits visibility to the staff members that are active at the time. Such a system as I have described would allow any member of staff to see complete histories based on the fact that they are staff (obviously, when loss of staff position occurs/loss of permissions they can only see their own PCs) and not in the PC. The notion of inviting them into the conversation also gives constant PC emails / notifications / alerts and could become overwhelming on larger boards.


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Yes, I think this is a very important idea.

The counter argument might be that "conversations" are not the appropriate mechanism for this type of open warning discussion?

Could we perhaps instead make a forum were users can only view threads they are "invited" to for warning "discussions" (rather than "conversations") with them?

This way other people (mods/admins) with permission to view the discussions can see them and potentially join in if they choose to do so.

The ability to join into a discussion it is initiated by the mod/admin rather than needing to be explicitly invited as happens now when you are invited into a conversation.

The overall goal is to aim for a much higher degree of transparency around warnings and the inevitable discussions that occur.


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This will go nice with a spam/censorship system for conversation to flag the conversation and allowing those with permission to intervene the conversation.