XF 1.5 Warning action with zero points?


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I don't seem to be able to create a warning action that works on zero points - so how can I achieve this please:
  • I want to be able to temporarily exclude members for 3 days from a specific sub-forum, and want to use a warning to do it (to keep it nice and simple for moderators).
  • The warning will trigger a warning action that will put them in a "No xxxx" usergroup, which is set to NEVER perms for that sub-forum - effectively blocking access.
  • When the 3 days is up the warning action will expire and they'll be able to access it again.
HOWEVER, I don't want them to accumulate points because that will exclude them from the site - I just want them to be effectively "sin binned" from the sub-forum for a few days and automatically allowed back in one the time is up.

When I try to add the warning action it only seems to be applied at 1 point or more.

How can I achieve the "sin bin" scanrio with the current warning system?

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Just create a new warning rather than a warning action. You can set the warning to 0 points and add them to the relevant user group, setting the expiry to the desired time.