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@Xon is it possible to force the user to read a thread by using your addon?

@Alfa1 my XF1 Warning Acknowledgement add-on will be ported to XF2 which will include this sort of functionality, where the user's ability to use the site is disabled until they click through a form.
It isn't to read a thread, but basically to click 'I've read this banner" which sits where there existing XenForo notice system is.
Not sure if I missed a setting somewhere, but is it possible to turn off the alert the warning giver moderator receives after the user acknowledges the warning?
I believe that that alert is actually generated by Report Improvements; and not currently.
Does this addon force members to accept the rules again?
Kinda. When a user is force to acknowledgement a warning you can add arbitrary text to what they are clicking "I agree/understand" for. It is phrased so you can adjust it as required.
XenForo registers when someone accepted the rules:
Screenshot_2020-05-03 Edit user - Admin control panel.png
This is important from a legal standpoint. It was implemented in XenForo because this is stipulated by EU Directives like GDPR and national laws.
When a warning is sent then the member is in breach of the terms and rules.

The rule breach indicates that the member no longer agrees to the rules and terms. Or that the member is not aware of the rules. The GDPR stipulates that terms and functionality must make the terms intelligible and easy to understand. When a rule is breached its logical to assume that the member doesn't understand or know the rules OR no longer agrees with the rules OR both. This would void the registered acceptance of the terms and rules.
It sounds backwards, but a member could even make the argument that the website is in breach of the GDPR after receiving a warning.

Both from a legal standpoint as from experience it makes a lot of sense to make the member accept the rules again.

Please consider to add a function to let members accept the terms and rules again, and register this in the user change log.
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Hey @Xon ,

Just noticed on your main site you mention this regarding this addon "Strongly recommend Report Improvements (v2.4.0) also be installed."
And on here you mention "If installed, require Report Improvements add-on v2.4.0+"

Is there a reason behind this, and if so can you advise what the repercussions of not having it installed are?

I had Report Improvements installed on my test site but removed it because it didn't seem to offer much functionality (at least for me) aside from creating threads for reports (it's a small forum and will likely only ever have 1-3 moderators). If I'm missing something really decent here, please sell me on why I need this addon in my life :D

All the other ones (and I have quite a few from you) are amazing by the way!

Thanks :)
Report Improvements logs warnings (and warning acknowledgements) into the report system which is really helpful for establishing timelines on reported content. It has a fairly large feature set of small quality of life improvements, but the biggest is alerts (and thus push notifications) of reports.
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