Require acknowledgement on login?


A forum (vB, though) that I participate on recently had a thing where, to log in, you had to agree to a directly presented, not just linked, T&C page.

Is there a way to do a thing like this in XF, requiring all users to explicitly accept a thing before logging in (just once per account)?

EDIT: To clarify, this is for new terms, not for the ones that were present when they signed up.
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There isn't any thing as direct as that built in. You can add a dismissible notice, but in theory they could ignore that. Anything beyond that would require an add-on/custom development.
And for about two seconds I thought "what if I just migrated everything to vB, made everyone log in there where it's possible to mandate acceptance of a term in login, then migrated everything back because I like XF better".

I suppose I could edit the login form.
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