Warning Acknowledgement

Warning Acknowledgement 2.3.3

No permission to buy ($25.00)
Compatible XF 2.x versions
Additional requirements
php 5.6+
Warning Improvements (v2.2.0+) add-on
If installed, require Report Improvements add-on v2.4.0+
Updates duration
12 months ($15 yearly renewal + HST)
Visible branding
Requires Warning Improvements (v2.2.0+) be installed and active.

Warning Acknowledgement tracks if a user has acknowledged a warning and (optional) prevents a warned user from doing things like the following until they acknowledge the warning;
  • Whitelist forums for replies.
  • Disable replies.
  • Disable likes.
  • Disable viewing conversations .
  • Disable viewing alerts .
Appeal process is defined by the phrase: sv_warningAcknowledge_appeal_body

The default "acknowledgement required" can be set per warning definition, and by default is enabled
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 4 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. 2.2.3 - Maintenance update

    Allow banned users to ack warnings
  2. 2.3.2 - Maintenance update

    Do not push a user's pending warning count into the user change log
  3. 2.3.1 - Bugfix update

    If installed, require Report Improvements v2.4.0+ (free) Fix error when requiring a warning...

Latest reviews

Xon has some of the most useful addons and this is one of them. He also has unrivaled support. Literally fixing bugs within a day.
This is an easy and obvious one to buy, particularly if you have a large site where warnings are handled out in the dozens daily. Cuts down on members saying they never noticed the Warning PM and other such things.
One of the many features we commissioned Xon to make for us that works exactly as we wanted. Users can no longer say (honestly or not) that they "didn't see" a warning that was issued to them. Additionally, the ability to quickly see that they've acknowledged it has made moderation much easier as our forums grow.
This add-on has been more than useful for our website, it has been absolutely vital! The default warnings in Xenforo can be easily missed by the recipient, and a warning that the member never sees is as good as worthless. This add-on makes warnings reliable. If you use warnings, you need to be using this add-on. Xon offers excellent support and is very responsive with updates.