Warning Acknowledgement

Warning Acknowledgement 2.2.3

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  • Render bbcode in user note when displaying to end-user
    • Displays as bbcode for moderators already
  • Allow selecting of warning notification text
  • Fix XF1 upgrade path (fixes error with Report Improvement migrating warnings to reports)
  • Report Improvements compatibility fix - Ensure variable replacement happens before logging to report system
  • Simplify redundant style properties (removes paletteAccent1/paletteAccent2/paletteAccent3 previously added by this add-on), may cause styling breakage.
  • Fix add-on icon in XF2.1
  • Remove unused style properties
  • Move style property colors into style property 'color' group instead of 'pallet'
  • Report Improvements integration bugfixes
  • Compatibility fix for Report Improvements for XF2
    • Ensure schema changes are applied when Report Improvements is installed/upgraded/rebuilt.
  • Fix 'I understand' button going transparent on-hover
  • Fix notes to user not being saved when using the bbcode editor
  • Fix the 'suppress other notices' option when issuing a warning
  • Confirm XF2.1 compatibility