Warning Acknowledgement

Warning Acknowledgement 2.3.2

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  • Do not push a user's pending warning count into the user change log
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  • If installed, require Report Improvements v2.4.0+ (free)
  • Fix error when requiring a warning acknowledgment on hard deleted content
  • Fix that a warning acknowledgment is logged as expired if ack'ing an expired warning
  • Require XF2.1, remove XF2.0 support
  • Update minimum required version for Warning Improvements to v2.2.0+
  • XF2.1 "scrolling banners" support for the 'Default suppress normal notices' option
  • Fix node whitelisting option
  • Fix missing disabling rule for adding replies
  • Fix a case where the cached list of pending warnings to acknowledge was not properly reset
  • Apply placeholder substitutions when previewing a user note for the warning acknowledgement feature, and then the warning is issued
  • Ensure compatibility with Report Improvements & Warning Improvements features
  • Add options icon
  • Fix inserting placeholder for User Notes section added by this add-on when issuing a warning
  • Support blocking XF2.1 reactions
  • Fix error upgrading from v2.1.x or older
  • Render bbcode in user note when displaying to end-user
    • Displays as bbcode for moderators already
  • Allow selecting of warning notification text
  • Fix XF1 upgrade path (fixes error with Report Improvement migrating warnings to reports)