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For many years now I've wanted to create a competition system for the forum (with vB gave up, and now with XF want to try again).

I run a puzzle site, and each week we have a competition where we provide scrambles for various puzzles, and users can enter their times. At the moment we create a thread with all the scrambles, and members either reply to the thread with their times, or use an external site to enter their times (see here). The current setup is incredibly inefficient, so ranking people each week is manual as people who reply to the thread have to be manually entered. Ideally I want it all to be done via XF so it isn't divided. I can manually generate the scrambles and post them each week, but I need a system that:
a) Stores the data that each member submits.
b) Provides a table for rankings of each event they submitted to.

Ideally I'd like to create a thread each week with the scrambles and details, and then allow users to select the puzzle, enter their times, and when they submit it stores them and posts a reply to the thread with their results. This would be to be editable in case they want to add more solves during the week.

Each week I'd want to see a table with all the competitors and their times, as well as rankings for each event.

What is the best way of doing this? I'd be willing to pay to get this setup if it isn't an easy task.

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