What are my options to integrate commerce functionality?

The Heff

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I am investigating the possibility of switching community software from Invision Community to another provider.

Invision Community currently has quite tight integration between its apps, allowing me to "sell" memberships via the commerce application that impacts what they see in the other applications (buying a membership results in a group change, with the new group having more access and benefits).

What are my options with regards to XenForo to retain that type of functionality?

If there are only third party options, are there any plans to provide this as part of the core software?

Thank you for your very quick response Brogan.

Can the conversion from Invision Community to XenForo convert the two subscription packages and the existing billing agreements?

Your help is much appreciated.
No, the existing subscriptions are specifically created between your existing site and the payment provider.

The members would need to cancel the existing subscription for your current site and resubscribe in XF.
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