XF 1.1 Backup corrupt. What are my options?

Calamity James

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Eeeeek. Worst nightmare confirmed today. After a server crash, one of the sites I was running seems to have not been completing its backups correctly.

I have a backup that goes as far as xf_search_index and no further.

All tables after that alphabetically are completely missing.

I understand that this probably means a completely unusable install, as I'd imagine you need the xf_thread table to tie up with xf_post to get the thread list back.

I guess my question is this: Is there any way I can recover all the posts, even if that does just mean listing them all inline?

Thanks for any assistance,

A very stressed,

Jake Bunce

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I dealt with this situation once, not on a XF forum though. I wrote a script to recreate thread records from post records. I can make a similar script for XF. The problem is that the forum associations are gone, so the script has to put all recreated threads in one forum. And all thread statuses would be lost (locked, deleted, etc). And you will have lost your users too (xf_user table), so we are talking about all threads and posts becoming guest posts, though the usernames would still be on them.

With all of this in mind, shoot me a PM if you want me to have a go at it.