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XF 1.5 Voting polls in forums?

Hi, new to Xenforo but have been using vBulletin and Photopost on our website since 2003.
We have Xenforo in a testing area of our website trying to set things up before we make it live to everyone.

We run weekly contests where the voting was always code within the poll question.
I've noticed that html code doesn't work with Xenforo polls.

Any idea at how we can convert all those previous polls so they can still be seen and not lose every forum voting post 2003-2015?
Our contests for 2015 usually run into at least March 2016 because we have Photo of the Month for December, the when that is determined, Photo of the Quarter, Oct, Nov, Dec. that runs for 2 weeks of voting.
Then we have Best of Category from all the POTQ winners, another 2 weeks of voting, then Photo of the Year.
So we can't just start fresh in January and lose all the contest data.

Here is a link to one of the voting weeks that was just posted to show how we had done it.


Any ideas on how to do something similar?

Thanks for your help.


XenForo developer
Staff member
We don't support formatting in poll options, so changing that would require an add-on or custom development. (There might be an add-on that supports BB code in them, though I doubt there's anything that supports HTML.)

Otherwise, it would require moving the images to the body of the post to be referred back to in the poll.