XF 1.1 Voting on Polls Not Working

Title kind of says it all, but there's a lot more to everything than a simple phrase. My partner setup the majority of the forum board and permissions but has since gone afk and not really that helpful, so I've stepped up and started to take over. We've had a problem since the beginning of the installation of our xenForo with members not being able to vote on polls, not even admins of the forums are able to vote. I'm sure this has to be a permissions issue, but I've changed (I believe) all the permissions of the groups to allow members to vote..but I still can't. Any suggestions?

Should I just start all over on the member groups and recreate all the groups so that it's essentially a fresh start and I know what is what and who has what? The users can create polls just fine, but voting on them is the problem.


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In your usergroup permissions, check the following is set to allow, for Registered for example:

Screen shot 2012-04-17 at 23.27.30.png

Also, check to ensure it is not set to "never" anywhere on other groups, as this will over ride any "allows" for additional usergroups.


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If you can provide an admin login and link to a few polls which have the problem I can take a look,


I have exactly the same problem:

1. I set user groups permissions for Unregistered / Unconfirmed to vote on polls: ALLOW
2. I also set the node permissions for usergroup Unregistered / Unconfirmed to vote on polls: ALLOW

Having done both, I still can not vote on a poll when visiting my forum as a Guest.

Could the Moderator of this forum perhaps move this thread to the XenForo Bug Reports forums please?