Add-on [PAID] Developer needed for custom voting functionality


Hi All,

We want to run a competition where users in a judging usergroup can add a score to a post within a question type thread. The score would be selectable via a dropdown rather than a free text field.

The main thread would be the category the judges are voting in and posts or answers under the thread would be the entries. The judges would then select a score (1-10) for each post which would be how we order the results at the end. The entries (posts in thread) would only be added by me or another administrator, this would be controlled by node permissions.

The scoring would have to be specific to each user (judge) and we'd need a way to close the voting at the end of the competition. The posts in the thread would be ordered by total vote count automatically when the thread is loaded, viewing of the thread would be possible for users outside of the judge usergroup but they would only be able to view the current scores. Current scores would live on the right hand side of the post where the up / down vote currently lives in questions.

Each thread would be a separate category, for example one thread might be titled Led Lights, with the posts under that being the types of light. Different categories or threads would need to be limited to different usergroups, so judges A, B, C etc...

We need it done soon as the competition is going to be taking place in November. Ideallly we'd have something built and ready by early October.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Perhaps @Painbaker might be interested in this.
Thanks @Ozzy47, if not maybe you could do it for us? Happy to share whatever work you do with the community with us covering the cost of it.

Rather than a stand alone thing it could really just be an additional set of options for a question forum type and some additional options that allow you to control who has access to the new voting input via permissions.

Would you be interested @Painbaker?

I sent a PM to @TickTackk via your signature as well, I hope that's ok.
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