XF 1.4 View thread content permission


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I would like my unregistered guests to only see the thread titles in certain forums - i.e when they click on the title, they get the sign up box.
I tried selecting "revoke" "View thread content" in the node permission, but when I do this, guests don't even see the thread titles on my homepage, making the homepage pretty bare and uninteresting.

How can I set it so guests can see all the thread titles, but don't have access to the posts within the thread without signing up?

Thanks for your help.


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Hi. Thanks for your reply. This works on the forum page, but doesn't pull through onto the "Recent threads" block on the home page. Where I have revoked the View thread content, the thread titles don't show at all :(

Mr Lucky

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Sorry, I didn't realise you meant recent threads list. I thought you meant you had a forum as your home page.

No it seems viewable threads (ie thread titles) whose content is not viewable doesn't show in recent threads or recent posts.