Fixed "View attachment" hardcoded in Base Formatter


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In XenForo_BbCode_Formatter_Base::renderTagAttach "View attachment" is hardcoded.
  if (!$this->_view)
       return '<a href="' . XenForo_Link::buildPublicLink('full:attachments', array('attachment_id' => $id)) . '">View attachment ' . $id . '</a>';

If i get now a email from the board, because of a reply in a watched thread, the attachment link text will be in english, even if the user uses another language.

The phrase exists already ( view_attachment_x ) you'll just have to use it in renderTagAttach :p


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Many things were marked "as designed" 3 years ago, which were changed & implemented in the last releases:)

Not sure if there was no posttext in the watched threads notification mail, but NOW we have it, and it's IMO a NOGO to not provide the translation here...
If it's as designed, then the attachment link should be removed, because a non speaking user shouldn't get ANY not translated message & text. Even if it's just "View attachment 12356" )
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I think the fundamental bug here is that there is no view for the attachment in emails, since Mike said that its hard coded to expose them.