XF 2.2 Using attach creates View Attachment X link


As it says on the tin. If I use the [attach]12345[/attach] bbcode, with or without the =full argument, I get an anchor that says "View attachment 12345"

Clicking the link will open the attachment in a new tab, but I can't get it to actually display inline.
How can I get the image to display inline? Is this a cache issue perhaps? It does not appear to be related to what theme I have selected.
If the attachment is not actually part of the post in question (ie. it belongs to a different post or other piece of content), the necessary information isn't available to display it inline.
I ended up using the img tag and a custom directory, but it doesn't allow end-users to upload images.
It looks like that plugin resolves that issue. I think I'll pick that up. Thanks all!
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