XF 2.2 Removing the "View Attachment" link from forum replies

Mr Shap


We are running XenForo 2, and I am looking for advice on how to plug a little loophole in our member permissions when it comes to attachments.

We have two main member groups. One has permissions set to view videos on the site, and the other does not. However, we are finding that there is a loophole around this, where if a member who does not have this permission replies to a post that has an attachment, they can access the attachment via that linked "View Attachment" text that is included in the reply quote.

I am wondering if anyone has any guidance on wether there is a tag that can be added to either the thread template, the BB editor code, or some other solution to un-link this text?

Have any other people run into this problem where there is a content-driven permissions set?
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