Fixed  Video embedding


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Is it working for you guys? for me it says missing plugin but I have flash player? Chrome. I watch youtube videos all the time.

Edit- it's working for me after reloading the page... Win 7 Ult x64


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Working Fine here (Firefox 3.6.8 MAC)

NOTE: Mac/Win/Linux versions of Firefox are not the same - be sure to post your OS.


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Might be related to the change Kier made earlier when he combined the javascript files and minified them. He's also using the Google hosted jquery.


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Just to update my post up the top:

Also working fine on:
Safari 5.0
Chrome 5.0.375.125
FireFox 3.6

- Mac OS X 10.6.


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Oh yes I also forgot to tell which browser/OS I am using.

So it failed on for me on two machines :
Firefox 3.5.11 - Windows 7
Chrome 5.0.375.125 - Windows XP SP3


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Working fine here in, Chrome - Firefox on Ubuntu... Also checked in Firefox 3.5 and Chrome in Windows XP and no problems...


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Fixed locally I think. Was still pointing to the old jQuery URL.