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younes submitted a new resource:

Verified Badge - Verified Badge for Members


With this add-on, you can show small Badge beside usernames
I'm not a professional add-on developer so i can't provide support
This add-on Created by @batpool52! for me
If you need proper support or customization feel free to contact @batpool52!

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You will need to install Reckons Team Core . It can be found in the same archive as the add-on archive

Hope you enjoy this...

Read more about this resource...
This is very interesting. I'll just watch this resource for now. But I'm definitely interested.
Well, I can't figure out the problem from front-end.
Wait foe Younes, so that he may ask for admin access to fix it for you.

Its a simple add-on. Are you sure you installed it correctly?

Try removing and reinstalling to see if it works.
Just bought this mod.

Installed everything and getting this error when trying to install the addon-tkVerifiedBadge

ErrorException: Fatal Error: syntax error, unexpected '[' - library/ReckonsTeam/Core/Helper/Base.php:15

Using 1.5.10
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