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younes submitted a new resource:

Verified Badge - Verified Badge for Members


With this add-on, you can show small Badge beside usernames
I'm not a professional add-on developer so i can't provide support
This add-on Created by @batpool52! for me
If you need proper support or customization feel free to contact @batpool52!

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You will need to install Reckons Team Core . It can be found in the same archive as the add-on archive

Hope you enjoy this...

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This is very interesting. I'll just watch this resource for now. But I'm definitely interested.


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Well, I can't figure out the problem from front-end.
Wait foe Younes, so that he may ask for admin access to fix it for you.

Its a simple add-on. Are you sure you installed it correctly?

Try removing and reinstalling to see if it works.


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Just bought this mod.

Installed everything and getting this error when trying to install the addon-tkVerifiedBadge

ErrorException: Fatal Error: syntax error, unexpected '[' - library/ReckonsTeam/Core/Helper/Base.php:15

Using 1.5.10
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