A native Verified Badge


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It would be really cool if Xenforo could support the Verify Users option natively.
We have some independent addons, but I believe that this function should be native, as it is very useful for those who manage a community, in addition to giving a more "Professional" and prominent aspect to its members.

  • Possibility to customize icon, whether in FA, SVG or PNG.
  • Verified member tag appearing next to the name in several places it appears.
  • Ability to search only verified members - For identification/selection.
  • Receive forms from members who want a verification badge.
  • Possibility to add Groups as verified, so when a member is added to a group, it is automatically verified. If you leave the group and are not verified through the profile, the verification disappears.
  • Integration with Trophies: Possibility of receiving Trophies if a member is verified.
  • Possibility to add more than one Verification Seal (for personal account, business and other possibilities)
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