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LOVE the look of the forum index. Beautiful really, but holy smokes man, that back ground image is way too busy for me. Since it's also more vibrant in it's colors, I think it takes away from the content which is what I'd like to see! :)
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Wow, turnout!

Yeah... Okay I think the background has to go haha.

I've removed it, where is the site lagging? It was on my Windows phone though now it's stopped... Must have been the background.

Shall I keep the background as it is or can anyone recommend a place for "subtle" backgrounds?


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I love this site. I'm not completely vegan myself but I do try to stay as healthy as possible. No reason to get religious about veganism but I do agree that the less meat, the better.

One thing I really like about your site is how unique it is. It's annoying to keep stumbling upon random looking XF sites. It's refreshing to see something unique.

Nice work! :)

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Hey! Is this still laggy for you? The developer of the theme deployed an update a few days...

Let me know so I can give some feedback to the developer :)

It's still lagging here

Most of the lag is coming from the background-attachment: fixed; on the html element

And the remainder from the menu that attaches to the top of the viewport when you scroll down