XF 1.4 vB4 - Changing Posts Per Page, Redirect solutions?

We're importing from vB4 with Dragonbyte SEO to Xenforo, url redirects have gone well. The only known issue we're facing is that we have 10 posts per page on vBulletin, and Xenforo default is 20, so the content that Google expects to be on page 4 is now on page 2, etc.

Of course, we could simply change Xenforo posts per page to 10 and everything would match up nicely. But I really think Xenforo has the right idea with 20 posts per page, so I'm hoping there's a way we can make that change. Do any solutions exist for this?


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If you're going through the showthread.php style redirects, you may be able to modify the code, basically dividing the page number by 2 (and rounding up), if provided. Alternatively you could choose to ignore the page number and redirect everything to page 1 but that may not be ideal.

Jake Bunce

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If specific help is needed then please post an example old and new URL. That will enable us to provide more exact instructions.