I run two very large Photo-post sites with hundreds of thousands of pictures. Due to ZERO software support and well hacks, it time to look into other options. So, has anyone here migrated successfully from VB/PP to xenForo? If so could you show me an example?

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Chris D

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I had a quick search of showcase threads which mention PhotoPost and here's a recent one that converted from both VB and PhotoPost:

This is just one of many. The gallery has actually been around in some form or another for 3 years and in that time we've seen a lot of successful migrations from VB and PhotoPost (amongst others).

Give the Admin Demo a try to see if it fits :)
Hmmm, looks really good. After 15 years I thinks it's time. Also, i see all the sever requirements needed I have. My host is Softlayer and is there a freelancer you can recommend to do total migration? Or go find a freelancer on Odesk etc? Finally, currently I have some fantastic SERP ranking. How is the SEO with this software? Forgot to mention, thank you for your time.

Chris D

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We take every care to make SEO as effective as possible. No extra add-ons required, it's all designed to be as search engine friendly as possible out of the box. For vBulletin we provide redirection scripts in our Resource Manager, though alternatively our importer from vBulletin and PhotoPost supports an option to retain the content IDs so you can just take care of redirects with server side rewrites, e.g. thread 123 in vBulletin would be thread 123 in XenForo so that is fairly simple to implement at the web server level.

I'd recommend using a freelancer advertising their services on this site. You should find several via this forum: