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VB PhotoPost Import: no media importing

Discussion in 'Media Gallery Support' started by Bob Hennessey, Jan 23, 2015.

  1. Bob Hennessey

    Bob Hennessey Member

    I'm working on importing from VB Photopost to Xen Media Gallery. When running through the import steps the 1st few steps work fine (categories and albums). I've confirmed from looking at the xf tables that the data imported is accurate.

    When it gets to media it runs for a few minutes and shows the % progress as it moves, so it definitely queried and found the photos. But when it completes it says 0 items and there's nothing in the xf_media table.

    I'm running v1.0.1 of Media Gallery.

    Any ideas on this?

    Does the checkbox at the start of import to preserve ids matter? The rest of the site is fully imported, this is the last step.
  2. Chris D

    Chris D XenForo Developer Staff Member

    First, upgrade to the latest version of the Media Gallery. It's very important in case of any import related fixes.

    Common causes of this, generally, would be not specifying the correct import log from your original VB import. The importer needs this so it can map the images in your Gallery to the users you imported into XF.

    When you did the import from VB to XF, at the end you would have been asked to create an archived_import_log table.

    Whatever you name specified for that table, you needed to specify when setting up the Photopost to XFMG import.

    Another common cause would be it not being able to find the actual files for the images in Photopost.

    As some data imported already, it's more likely going to be the path to the actual files that are wrong, so check that out first.

    Note: It would be the xengallery_media table.
  3. Bob Hennessey

    Bob Hennessey Member

    Thanks that helped!

    The part where this was breaking and it took me a bit to realize was the ability to find the image based on the path from this query:
    SELECT setting FROM settings WHERE varname = 'datafull'
    I kept looking at this path and it seemed fine, but I was on the VBulletin server at the time. We set up a totally different server with the Xenforo install so I'm constantly on both servers.

    To get this to work I simply copied all of the files off the old server onto the Xenforo server into a temp folder, then updated the 'settting' value in 'settings' table to match the temp directory. Then I truncated all of the xenmedia tables and started over and it worked fine.
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