XF 1.4 vB import, custom field and addons


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Am curious to know how people handled a vBulletin import that also includes (a) custom fields, and (b) conversion of add-ons such as the vBulletin Thank You addon that is very popular. I think that a query can be formulated to import a custom field into a related field in a new database but that probably is its own customized solution. I'm unaware whether the importer allows for custom mapping of additional fields (mine is in the "posts" field is in vBulletin. Regarding the Thank You addon, I'd think that those could be converted to Likes, even though they aren't exactly the same thing. Am curious as to thoughts.


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If you mean custom user fields, they are imported (into XF custom fields).

I couldn't really speak to add-ons on the source forum though. They'd generally need to be approached on a case-by-case basis with custom conversion code.