Ability to import custom fields upon mirroring image

Tracy Perry

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I was just working on some images that I have posted in one of my DSO nodes, and have the gallery set to mirror images posted there to a custom category.
Upon the making of the post to attach the images to, I have it set to allow the users to enter specific custom data on camera style, exposure time and such as custom thread fields:

Screen Shot 2023-02-08 at 3.21.23 PM.png
This grants the post the ability to show that data at the top so that any others can easily find what settings were used to capture that image.

Screen Shot 2023-02-08 at 3.22.46 PM.png

I also mirror the images uploaded in this area to an XFMG category. It would REALLLY nice if the mirroring process could also capture the custom field data and bring it over and display it As it is, it simply captures the image... and better yet if it could be set where to display it like current custom fields can for XFMG.
As it is, I have to manually go in and edit each image of mine that gets mirrored, and I don't expect the end users to do the same.
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