XF 2.1 How to import custom fields on other custom fields


Hi, I imported the vbulletin 4 to xenforo and installed the [AH] Gamer Profiles addon because on vbulletin I had a similar thing.

The problem is that during the import of the old forum were also imported custom fields corresponding to that mod similar to this with the user gamertag inside.

installing this mod I find myself with additional custom fields, obviously empty, and I would like the contents of the old fields to be copied into the new corresponding field for the gamer tags.

In the image I illustrate my situation:

In this image the user fields like PSN TAG, Xbox Live, Steam etc. match the old mod on vbulletin.


Here are the fields of the mod for xenforo, in this case (my profile) the fields are empty because I'm trying to perform some tests.
While for the other users the fields correspond to their gamertag and I would like them to be copied from the old mod to this new one in order then to delete the old custom user fields

2019-02-24 (1).png

how can I do?