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Seriously...has anyone considered the fact that Steve (and possibly Marlena) are retiring? I know it hasn't been denied or confirmed...but Steve is definitely older than my parents (no offense Steve).

As for Adrian...he's still a kid. He's even younger than me. He might change jobs a few more times in his lifetime.


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Boy oh boy, this can't bode well for the future of vBulletin and their customers :(

I'm nearly ready (with add-ons being custom built) to move from vB to xF and am simply waiting for 1.1 to be released along with my custom add-ons to be completed. So, I'm getting really close of not having to worry about vB anymore ;)

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Lots of people working on piracy management.
Sales Customer Support
Kay - Kay oversee's our phone/ticket sales support and piracy management
Danny - Danny also helps specifically with phone/ticket sales support
Zuzanna - Zuzanna helps with piracy, phone/ticket sales support
Ebony - Ebony helps with piracy, phone/ticket sales support
Jasper - Jasper works as our marketing/communications intern, he has run a number of vBulletin communities for a number of years
Rene - Rene assists with our piracy management
David - David assists with our piracy management

As well, they sure have alot of employees. Take a look at the massive list !



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Yawn couldn't this of stayed on the VB site rather than have another thread which will probably degenerate into a vb slagging off. Hell I just noticed another thread of the same nature was already closed as it went that way :rolleyes:


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Adrian is finishing his MBA along with a bit of travel - apparently including the UK :)
Much in the same way that Ray was going to mexico to finish up that Log Cabin?

Personally, I don't think or feel this is sad news but a chance for everyone to celebrate that cracks are forming again inside the walls of <insert company here> I just don't believe the amount of people leaving is purely coincidence. Whether it's bad working conditions or whatever this for me is a good sign (bad sign if your a customer). I'm not trying to be funny here I never liked the company, nor some of the bad advice that customer support gave customers into buying <insert product version here>.

I guess you reap what you sow. Not phased by this whatsoever and certainly not at all surprised, bothered or concerned. Just that simple.

I wish steve the best of luck though, I've never had a problem with him and I've only heard great things about his support capabilities.

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I get a little tired of threads like this. The underlying current seems to be the xenforo's success is either directly or indirectly linked to VB's failure.

IMHO, xenforo is a fine enough product that it will thrive in a world where VB and IPB continue to have their own success.

Stepping off my soapbox now.
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