VB 3x to XF question regarding req. files


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When I setup XF from a VB 3x board I followed the data conversion instructions and added the redirect files to the VB 3x forum folder.

Since then, XF has been running fine so I'm ready to remove any unnecessary VB files from the folder.

So, my questions are:

1. If I just left the files alone.....Does it affect Google SEO if I leave the VB folder with all the files and leave the DB running?

Does Google look at it like it's duplicate info?

2. Can the VB 3x files be safely deleted or are any needed for the redirect to work.

3. Also can the VB 3x database be removed as well.

Any other issues or concerns?


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If you want to leave your vB in place, i would add the following line to includes/config.php so that no possible future exploits can run:
die('This script is no longer functional.');
With that you may leave the old vB scripts in place if you really want to.

There will be no effect on SEO.


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Kier, I have a folder where the VB forum was: /forum

I know I can't remove all files from the folder. I know I added some XF files that I thought were required.

What files do I need to keep? Just the "xf-" ones?

Here's a list of files that were added / updated the most recent.

Interestingly, I thought there was an .htaccess file but I don't see one.

Screen shot 2011-06-04 at 4.01.44 PM.png


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I don't recognise those xf- files, I assume they may be the original vB files that you renamed?

You may delete all the vB files, and then re-upload the files from our redirection scripts package - they do not require any of the original vB files to be present in order to function.