XF 1.5 variable bounced email address?


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I'm trying to setup the automated bounce email handler and I'm trying to enable "variable bounced email address values" but apparently my server's SMTP email doesn't support it.

Is this option important? or does anyone know how to enable ""+" as a wildcard separator " on my server's STMP email?

Tracy Perry

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First, you have to have Postfix installed as your MTA (I don't know what you have installed). You could also have Exim installed, which uses different parameters.
I was just advising you how to do it if you use Postfix.
Postfix config files are generally located in /etc/postfix


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Oh I see. Apparently I use exim and I tried adding:
local_part_suffix = +*
to /etc/exim.conf under "userforward:" and "localuser:" and adding:
local_part_suffix = +*​
to "system_aliases:". As described in http://mlmmj.org/docs/readme but enabling "variable bounced email address" still makes me not receive my bounce emails.

Is this option important? If, so why?