XF 1.1 Using the iPad/iPhone with XenForo

Lone Wolf

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I bought an iPad earlier this year to help me administer my website when I was out and about or unable to access a connected computer. Whilst it's a nice little device it's very restrictive due to Apple's rather controlling nature.

Today I accessed my XF ACP with my iPad and entered the options submenu. The iPad shows me a list of 13 items but along the bottom XenForo says 'showing 25 of 25 items'. There's no option to scroll down the list and no way to access the options that aren't displayed. This is the same on the iPhone.

I'm also having issues trying to post on both XenForo.com and my own XF demo website because the iPad keyboard doesnt activate when I click the post box. When I try to click on the white space to produce a cursor, the first line (or two) just shows a gray coloured rectangle overlay across the whole post entry area (all the way across but only one or two lines high). I can select a prefix and enter a title but it wont let me click on the post box at all. This is the same for quick reply and for post a new thread but I can post from the iPhone with no issues.

I get the same issue (unable to activate keyboard, produce cursor, type) on my iCab browser with hotmail but not with Safari (safari doesnt work with XF either). My iCab on my iPad is set to identify itself as Firefox so that I dont get forced to use the mobile version of any site I visit.

Am I the only one with this issue or is it something specific to iPad users? I dont get any of these issues with my current vBulletin install which works great on my iPad.

Can I do anything to fix this?


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I asked about AdminCP navigation via iPhone earlier this year, and it was indicated that would not work.