XF 1.5 MySQL database for Xenforo using the same hosting with another Wordpress site


Hi, I am developing 2 sites using the same hosting (Windows), 1 site with Wordpress and 1 site with Xenforo.

I have no intention to integrate them together as the Wordpress site is just to introduce my company while the Xenforo forum shall be developed for a totally different purpose. However, due to budget limit, at the moment I am having these 2 sites on the same hosting. Therefore, there is only 1 MySQL database available. May I know if there is any problem with that? And do I need to create two Database users for these 2 sites?

Thank you!
It's generally better to separate applications into separate databases but ultimately it will work fine if you can't. Specifically all XF tables are prefixed with xf_ so the table names shouldn't conflict.

From a security perspective it may be better to have separate users if possible and only allow the user to have access to the tables it needs. Again though it should work with the same user if splitting it is a problem.
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