Not a bug  Users never leave "Awaiting Email Confirmation" status


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I have now tested this on both of my sites and have confirmed using Peggy as the Guinea pig:

Since RC2 users attempting to register on either site are either getting NO confirmation email or if they do it takes them back to the page where they get this:

Your account is currently awaiting confirmation. Confirmation was sent to {email}.
Resend Confirmation Email
This is pretty huge. Since RC2 I can confirm all attempts to join on MyDogDallas were put into "Awaiting email confirmation" status and have to be manually changed to "Valid". please note that it does NOT show that any users are awaiting approval.

I can't tell how many people have tried to join Halforums as I have 1000+ users and can't sort all users by potential join date.
By the way, the Registration is NOT set to manual.


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To follow up on this, I registered at his forum and of course was taken to the
Your account is currently awaiting confirmation. Confirmation was sent to
Resend Confirmation Email
I received the email, clicked on the link, and was taken back to the site where I saw the same message.
Clicked on the link again to get another email, got the email, clicked on the link, went back to the site and the same message.
This happened 5 times, 3 of which I cleared my cache, thinking that might be the issue. It was not.

I finally shut down my browser, opened it back up, cleared cache again, then went to the site, logged out, re-logged in. Message is still there.
Clicked on link again, got email, clicked on that link, and this time, it worked.
Very odd thing to happen.

On his HalForum site, I have yet to receive any confirmation email, despite having clicked the link 3 times within the past 45 minutes.


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Went into my database and changed everyone that was shown as "awaiting email confirmation" and changed them to Valid. It explains why we haven't had anyone signing up lately.

Very interesting. Now I can keep an eye on it at least.


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I was able to confirm my account at without any issue. couldn't be confirmed, but that's because the board URL setting appears to be inccorect.

My confirm URL was:

It should be:

Your board URL should be:
Not a bug, indeed. I guess I have to fix the email response on MDD. Thanks, man!


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If the forums url is incorrect, people who join will not be able to confirm their accounts. That happened on our forum for a few hours and needed to email the individuals to confirm they actually wanted to join.


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Indeed, I said "Noticed that too" earlier, but I just found out the emails are in my Spam folder :p
I have 2 different hosts. MDD is on an Arvixe server because I use them for small projects. Halforums is on URLJet. So if you get one blocked and the other goes through it's not as big a mystery as it normally could have been.