XF 1.4 Usernames must be unique. The specified username is already in use.


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Try to create new user but get this...

Even MySql search of new user name shows 0 in all xf_user tables. Any ideas?

Chris D

XenForo developer
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Does the name contain accented characters?

MySQL would treat accented characters the same e.g. é and ë

Failing that, maybe there's an add on at play in which case you should try again with all add ons disabled.


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What is the username?
Username: Ланочка . It's cyrillic
Does it happen during registration as well as in the Admin CP?
I'm trying there in CP...

So actually i delete username Ланочка from CP using "delete user", so after that i try to create it and get this message...
Now i found in MySql fields with username Ланочка in tables xf_post and xengallery_media. Deleted them also but still same