Username conflicts while importing from vB 3.8


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Hi. Need an advice.

I was trying to import one forum from vB 3.8 and I got problem with usernames.
Both DB are in utf8_general_ci.

The problem is in the fact, that from MySQL's point of view, for example letters (in russian alphabet) "ё" and "е" are the same, so 2 different users with names "Артем" and "Артём" are the same... And this is a problem not only for russian alphabet, for example it is true, that 'u' = 'ü' = 'ů'.

My question is: what I should do with such users? Rename conflicted users, or maybe set collation to utf8_bin instead of utf8_general_ci?

Thx for advices.


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Personally speaking I would rename them as having 2 names which are deemed to be the same (by MySQL) could have other implications which aren't yet obvious.


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You don't want to use *_bin, because that's actually case sensitive (so mike and Mike are different users). Unfortunately, MySQL doesn't have any accent-sensitive collations as far as I know. You can modify their character set/collation records to make one, from what I've read. However, I don't think it's for the faint of heart.

So rename. :)