XF 1.3 User with win 7 problem

Neil E.

Active member
He is using W7 SP1 and his work only allows IE and they are on IE11.

His comment:
I just came on and checked two other threads, then this one. After a sec I noticed it wasn't scrolling down and the spinning thing was at the tab like it was still loading. Then I comes up and says it's stopped working and I click cancel. It reloaded the page and now everything is fine. No biggie really, just weird.

Is there anything that relates to this? Could I have omitted something from a template and caused this?

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
I would say it's unlikely to be anything you've done yourself.

I have known similar behaviour to happen with pretty much any browser when Flash Player decides that it's going to be awkward. If the problem persists, I would first get the user to disable the Flash uploader in his Preferences. If it does turn out to be that, then upgrading Flash player or keeping it disabled may solve the issue.

Bionic Rooster

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I've seen this pesky issue too and not just with IE. It happens in all browsers at some point or other. Flash Player has stopped working. If your lucky you'll find an update that works or an older version.