Lack of interest User upgrades only available to certain groups

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See thread : for the back story.

Could we have the ability to limit User Upgrades to certain groups?

I have two groups, Registered Users and Commercial users. The upgrade path for each of those is different and I don't want registered users to see what commercial upgrades are available and vice versa.

In the old world they were called Subscription Permissions

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bummer. How do I show my interest? :p

Did you ever get around to figuring this out?

I've been using an older addon (User Upgrades by waindigo v1.8.0) which is now owned by audentio.

When editing an upgrade it adds a portion that says: Required User Groups and you just check what usergroups you want to allow to see and purchase the upgrade

The only problem (other than being outdated) is this addon has all kinds of compatibility issues when trying to use other upgrade addons (such as gifting upgrades, or [bd] paygates to add other payment methods). It also includes a lot more options that I'm really not interested in using.

So I'm in a bit of a pickle and I have tried to convince a dev to work on it before for pay but they never got around to it.

If you do find someone willing to work on a lightweight version of this I am willing to put up some money for it.
I am using - I think - the one Xon is talking about (Although it's not "watched" for me so not sure). Nonetheless, it works well.
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