Allow custom BBCode to only be shown to certain user groups / in certain forums

DragonByte Tech

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At the moment, I do not believe there is a way to stop custom BBCode from displaying to certain user groups and only be displayed in certain forums. It would be great if it was possible to control this either via PHP (if the BBCode is a PHP Callback) or via the interface (in all other cases).

Use case:
Our Credits mod has a [CHARGE=X] BBCode that allows users to require other users to pay X amount of Credits to see whatever's inside. However, it is possible to restrict this feature to certain user groups by choosing which user groups this event applies to. It is also possible to limit this event to only apply in certain forums.

Even if you limit this event to "Verified Posters" or something, and you limit it to certain forums, the BBCode still shows up in every forum.

Having a separate callback option for whether this BBCode should display in the current forum for the current user would be extremely helpful.