XF 2.0 Restrict private messaging to certain groups



Have just wanted to check if there's any solution available out of the box, which would allow me to restrict PMs to only certain user groups. So basically only users in same group would be able to PM each other.

Thanks for your input.


Hi Steve,

Thanks for quick response. I am not sure though, if we are after same thing here.

Let's say I have two user groups - Group 1 and Group 2

I'd like to be able to allow conversations only between users which belongs to Group 1. In a same way users who belong to Group 2, would be able to communicate between each other. But user from Group 1 wouldn't be able top chat to users in Groups 2 and vice versa.


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There's nothing in the core what will allow only Group 1 members to send conversations to Group 1 members only and Group 2 members to send conversations to Group 2 members only. You would need an add-on for this (I'm not aware of any that do this).