XF 1.5 User Upgrades Not Applying Secondary Group


To whom may be able to assist me,

I have gone over the documentation for User Upgrades and have no issue in setting up and getting the purchases to go through; however, it seems that neither manually nor automatically, are the secondary groups being applied after the purchase or manually added. The user remains in the Registered user group and no secondary group is added.

The users are listed under Active User Upgrades, as well, their accounts are associated with the upgrade.

Screenshots of settings:
User Groups:
User Upgrades:
User Upgrade Settings (Donator Lite):
User Upgrade Settings (Donator Premium):

I have run the cron jobs to ensure upgrades and expired upgrades have been done, as well, I have used all the tool options to rebuild everything. I have had the user log in and out to ensure that it isn't user dependent. There are no permissions that have NEVER set. Additionally, I have checked the Transaction Log and there are no errors.

I'm at a complete loss as to how this system is suppose to function, if not to have the user assigned to the temporary group for as long as the upgrade is available to them.



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It should be assigned. It's possible there's some old data in the system that thinks the user should already be in the group. Have you used these groups for anything else in the past? Have you manually removed users from these groups before?


It seems that after after rebooting the webserver and having another client try the upgrade user package, it worked with PayPal and adding the secondary group. However, if I add a client manually, they are not added to the secondary group. I'm not sure what the difference has to be for manual not working but PayPal processing works and adds the user to secondary group. Is there something I am missing that manual needs in order to work?

Have you used these groups for anything else in the past?
Yes I have, but have done the batch user and removed everyone from the group. Only one group was ever used previous, the two others are new.
Have you manually removed users from these groups before?
I have removed all users from that group both as primary and as secondary. All users remained as Registered.


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There's no difference in processing between manual and automatic upgrades. However, the users used for testing may be relevant. Specifically because you're reusing the groups.

What did you use the groups for in the past? If it was something where users will programmatically added to the groups (such as what user upgrades do) and you manually removed them from the group, there may be records that indicate the users should still (programmatically) be in the group. Since you removed them manually, it does not try to automatically put them back.

This should only apply to the existing group though. Any new groups should be fine. If they're not, you'll need to submit a ticket with ACP and FTP access along with the name of a user I can upgrade/downgrade (that has the problem).


I'm not sure what solved the issue, but the issue doesn't seem to be happening anymore. There was several things I tried before giving up and going to bed:
  1. Ran all cronjobs manually
  2. Rebuilt all caches
  3. Rebooted the web server
  4. Cleared all cached data on browser and CDN
Not sure what caused the issue or what fixed it, but it may have just been an odd fluke. It may have been as you said, the first group I tried (existing group) and somewhere along the lines it was corrected.

Thank you for you help and assistance.